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Windows 8 Release is Finally Here! Yay!

New Features, Insider Info and Free Sneak Peak

Windows 8 is finally here and you can get everything you need to know from this link:




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Bridge the gap with Custom Development

Custom Development can often bridge the gap between disparate systems and plug necessary technology holes in business operations. Businesses may often see vast increases in efficiency and profit margins by making strategic investments in their business technologies.


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No Better Time to Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP-Until September 30, 2012

Favorable Upgrade Rules

Take advantage of favorable transition rules for new customers buying until September 30, 2012.

Buy a new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 solution with at least a BE or AM Foundation Pack prior to October 1, 2012 and receive the Starter Pack which includes 3 Full Users upon upgrade (within the same Microsoft Dynamics GP product line) with the free LMTU to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.


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Disaster Preparedness-How is your checklist?

Before you can implement a disaster strategy for your business, you have to create a pretty detailed checklist. This checklist needs to address every conceivable emergency that can plague your organization, identify mission-critical applications and systems, and be signed off by key players in your organization.
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How do you know when it is time to upgrade your Network Infrastructure?

Is your network getting slower on a daily basis?

Are you experiencing:
-Log-in lags

-Slow program initialization

-Screen freezes

-Too many pop-up windows

-Lack of access to desired programs

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