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Microsoft Software Assurance New and Enhanced Benefits - Enhancements to Software Assurance benefits will offer customers 24x7 business-critical support, improved deployment and manageability, greater cost savings, and more technology protection. Software Assurance benefits are designed to help you realize the full value of your software investment throughout each stage of the software lifecycle, whenever you need it.

  • Stage 1: Plan - Build your business around the technology, budget more effectively, and simplify the software procurement process
  • Stage 2: Deploy - Get the most value out of your software with planning services that help you discover and design solutions for your business
  • Stage 3: Use - Take advantage of the latest technology and build better technology deployment, migration, and management skills
  • Stage 4: Maintain - Maintain a stable IT environment through services, tools, and reference materials to support networks and desktops
  • Stage 5: Transition - For customers that need to transition their software, Microsoft offers technology and support benefits

Software Assurance, when added to volume license, costs a little more, but what it does is give you the right to upgrade, at no additional cost, to any new releases that come out within a 3 year period of the purchase of the license. So if you were to buy 15 copies of Server 2016 now, you’d be able to upgrade those computers to Server 2016 R2 when it is released. Even if you didn’t want to upgrade right away, you would still own the license for Server 2016 R2 and could upgrade as the need arises.

Now that Microsoft has committed to quicker releases of its software packages, software assurance makes more sense than before, and over time you’ll save a lot of money and upgrading won’t be so painful and expense.