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Disaster Preparedness-How is your checklist?

Author: Jennifer Levy/Friday, August 31, 2012/Categories: Information Technology, Tech News

It is important to have a concrete, precise plan that can bedistributed to staff so that no one is in the dark when disaster strikes. Loss of money and time are inevitable in an emergency, so you want to make sure you do all you can to limit how much of each is sacrificed.

Some IT considerations are:

Data Backup Solution-Your business must be backing up your business critical data and these backups mus tbe running regularly and regularly checked that they are running.

Server Virtualization-Virtualization can be a powerful solution for minimal downtime. Consolidating physical servers to virtual machines means that IT can create snapshots of server instances and easily restore these servers after a disaster hits with live migration.

UPS-Power outages are one of the most common disaster scenarios and all critical hardware should be running on some UPS . Unlimited Power Supplies (UPS) must be included in every Disaster Preparedness Plan and regular tests and checks of these devices are imperative.

Remote Access-Should your workforce be displaced, are they able to work remotely?  Will your email communication be working? Having the ability to work remotely will save your organization valuable, irreplaceable time in the short run and long run should disaster make working from your physical office very difficult or even impossible.

Call us today to discuss your Disaster Preparedness Strategy and make sure you are set the next time disaster strikes!

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