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Accounting Software Training Classes

What good is the best Accounting Software suite if your team can't fully utilize it?

Our Professionals want to help businesses avoid this common pitfall by providing quality training that addresses the questions and concerns software users have, while introducing them to features already present or available that can maximize productivity, relieve stress, and increase overall satisfaction in the workplace.

We are currently scheduling Microsoft Dynamics SL & GP classes. We have several classes for beginner, intermediate & advanced users. Our instructors are well experienced in helping clients of all knowledge levels master their current software solutions. We are a certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics. Our instructors hold the most current certification and product training requirements.

Each hands-on training class is approximately 6 hours and comes complete with a software training manual. A light breakfast, refreshments & a full lunch are also provided. Contact us for an individualized price quote.

Our classes fill up fast, please use the form below or call us today for more Information and to get registered.

CRM Software Training Classes

Need help with getting the most out of your Microsoft CRM system? We can help!

With almost a decade of experience in implementation of the product, Coe and Company can help you to make Microsoft CRM a cornerstone of a successful sales department. We offer training for any level of user from the newbie just learning the system, to the seasoned professional looking to streamline their processes. The training we offer can be standard classes on many CRM topics or customized to fit the specific areas that your business cares about.

Besides classes on the use of the system, our consultants are also well versed in CRM’s robust customization capabilities. One of the nice features of CRM is the ability to easily change the configuration of almost all of the forms and reports that come out of the box. This makes it much easier to have the system collect that data the you need and to process it the way that you want it processed. We offer specialized training to let end users take advantage of these advanced features and mold CRM to fit any business need.

Contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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