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Electronic document delivery is at the forefront of Business today.

Every company generates documents for internal and external delivery - client invoices, suppliers payments, various reports, etc. Costs associated with the daily, weekly or monthly document exchanges via mail are escalating, in addition to the excessive processing load on the Business's computer resources.

As people demand more information, businesses need to streamline and re-engineer their processes to better manage their time cost effectively, whilst finding more efficient and accurate ways to communicate. The manual process of printing, sorting and mailing stacks of paper, or sending e-mails one by one is inefficient and costly. Enter the world of electronic delivery.... 

The key to converting to electronic document delivery is the use of software which is easy to use and quick to implement. PDF-eXPLODE is one such easy-to-use software that makes report distribution simple. It is a market leader in electronic document delivery and will seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics and Crystal Reports, amongst the many softwares that PDF-eXPLODE is compatible with. It is very reasonably priced, simple to install and configure a Desktop in about 2 hours, from start to finish. As Kwaedza MWENDAMBER, Lead Applications Support Specialist, Old Mutual Shared Services (ICT) Zimbabwe's largest property manager says: "PDF-eXPLODE software is proving to be the best middleware that I have worked with so far, easy to use with excellent results. I am loving it. It's flexible."

He goes on to explain: "Old Mutual company is a very large commercial institution in Zimbabwe. In the Old Mutual group, I have used several applications and PDF-eXPLODE has proved to be one of the most ideal tools and easy to use application. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) person I have enjoyed using it and its flexibility, and also business users have adopted to use it with ease" 

With PDF-eXPLODE you can continue to use your existing software. No expensive changes are necessary. Here are some of the immediate benefits in switching to electronic delivery with PDF-eXPLODE: 

  • save on time on your current method of document processing
  • improve your cash flow by delivering invoices and bills faster by e-mail
  • change how your customers perceive your professional paper handling
  • improve archiving and document retrieval 
  • reduce overhead costs
  • increase profitability
  • and have spare time to yourself to get on with other business!

PDF-eXPLODE has a long list of impressive Client-Users across 24 countries who have simplified their businesses using PDF-eXPLODE. 

How does this work?

PDF-eXPLODE will convert your volume of invoices, statements, remittances and payslips into PDF documents then eXPLODE them to multiple destinations as e-mail attachments. You can even customize the text in the body of the e-mail or password protect an exploded attachment - all with the press of one button. Why not consider SIMPLYFYING?

What do Microsoft Dynamic customers say?

"Denali Group (www.denaligroup.com ) is known globally for our experience and expertise in relocation services. With over 54 years moving commercial shipments as well as military personnel, we coordinate local, regional and international relocations from beginning to end. When researching document e-delivery options that would integrate with our Microsoft Dynamics applications, PDF-eXPLODE rose to the top. It was straight forward to implement and has proven a great solution for automating the emailing of invoices. We are currently looking at other applications to extend PDF-eXPLODE to. The support and attention received from 3000AD SYSTEMS the developers, was excellent." 

Tina Synder, Project Manager DENALI GROUP, Seattle USA