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Azure for Disaster Recovery

You cannot afford "NOT" to do this!

Microsoft Azure has become the most effective solution for your Disaster Recovery plan that I have ever seen, especially in terms of cost to implement compared to the abilities you get. You can use Azure to back up your systems and/or replicate them in their entirety so that during an emergency, and even for testing purposes, they can be turned on in the cloud and accessed just as they were when running on your on-premise hardware.
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What is new in Dynamic GP 2015

There are alot of new additions to Dynamic GP. We listed a few of the new advancements.

Microsoft Dynamic GP 2015 Is releasing allot of great features. We listed a few of the most important features.
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Just What Is Microsoft Azure?

So what is this Azure? You have no doubt by now heard of this thing we call the "Cloud". It's everywhere, but a lot of people still don't quite understand what it is. To put it very simply, the "Cloud" is just a computer (or loads of them, actually) that are not where you are currently sitting.
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Think you are too small to hack? Think again.

Security Auditing for Small Business

In the world of information security, there is a saying "security by obscurity is not security". The breaches that get national attention would have you believe, and understandably so, that hackers go after high profile targets and they don't care about the little guys. But in fact the opposite is true because the little guys (small business) spend less or no money or security, and worst of all, nobody is even watching for an attack. In my line of work, we call that the "low hanging fruit".
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Financial Consolidation Software 101, by Coe Solutions

Lots of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system managers are managing multiple organizations’ or subsidiaries’financial data as part of a parent company.  Reconciling information coming from different units, departments, and at times, with more than one currency can be problematic without the assistance of a proficient financial consolidation and reporting tool.  Parent company decision makers are navigating increasingly larger amounts of company data by seeking a Business Intelligence (BI) software that comes equipped with a hearty, easy-to-use consolidation tool.  For individuals facing this challenge, we at Coe Solutions know that it can be trying, but we also know that, particularly for common ERP users, options that bring together ease of use and dynamic power in a single reporting tool are rare.
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