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Windows Server Virtual Machine

Watch the video on how to create a Windows Server Virtual Machine

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, July 8, 2015/Categories: Information Technology, Security

Iaas or Infrastructure as a Service, is what it's called to run virtual systems, servers just like you have in your office, in Azure. It may sound intimidating or technically complex, but watch the video below to see that it's not. There are indeed more technical requirements behind this to get this system integrated with your on-premise systems, but that's what we are for! Azure is nothing to be scared of, give us a call for a demo like the one you've seen below. If you are facing an upgrade of your current hardware, and staring at a quote for thousands of dollars to upgrade your aging hardware, let us show you how for a fraction of the time and expense we can get you running in Azure quickly, and you'll never look back!


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