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What is new in Dynamic GP 2015

There are alot of new additions to Dynamic GP. We listed a few of the new advancements.

Author: Anonym/Friday, April 3, 2015/Categories: Dynamics GP

Whats new with Dynamic GP 2015?

Convergence 2015 was a major success this year. It flooded the market with allot of great of information as well as what we are to expect this upcoming year. Microsoft Dynamic GP 2015 is finally here with allot of new additions that are currently place.

Batch and vendor workflow.

Microsoft have created a new workflow for vendor maintenance and general ledger batch, receivable batches and payable batch.


Service based architecture

Allows the user to expose their current business logic to older applications and to other platforms. As well as allow data streams to be consumed by Dynamic GP.



Copy homepage and area page.

Allows the user to copy homepage to any other user’s home page. This can be very beneficial for a new employees.