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Author: Sheri Mora/Thursday, March 17, 2011/Categories: Information Technology, Security, Tech News

Upgrade your web safety: Download Internet Explorer 9 The new Windows Internet Explorer 9 browser is here, and it's safer and faster than ever. The new version helps better protect you from threats when you're browsing the web.

6 steps to fix your hijacked web browser - Is your web browser behaving strangely? It could have been hijacked by scammers. Here's how to tell for sure, and the six steps that you can take to help restore it.

Explore new and improved security features in Hotmail - From the SmartScreen spam filter to smart new ways to recover your email account if it's hijacked, learn about the new security features in Windows Live Hotmail.

Cyberattacks Increasing - The state of Web security has never been pretty, and a new report from Symantec discussing current and future threats only highlights just how risky the Internet environment has become.

Anti-Virus Report Card - Unfortunately, no single desktop anti-virus application can defend against malware. Mcafee and Trend seemed to be the best overall. 

FBI Report on Zeus (InfoGraphic) - Some 3.6 million PCs are said to be infected in the U.S. alone. Security experts are advising that businesses continue to offer training to users to prevent them from clicking hostile or suspicious links in emails or on the web while also keeping up with antivirus updates.

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