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Tired of Wasting Valuable Time on Administrative Tasks Instead of Selling?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Solve This Problem

Author: Mark Fernandez/Thursday, October 4, 2012/Categories: CRM, Information Technology, Tech News

Having sales tools that are familiar and easy to use saves time for any sales team. Dynamics CRM takes advantage of an integration of Microsoft Outlook as well as the embedded capabilities of Microsoft Office.  Through Outlook you get a native experience in which you can manage email messages, appointments, tasks,contacts, and customer information for improved productivity.  Microsoft Office features include export/import, built-in mail-merge, and contextual ribbons through the use of already existing programs like Excel and Word. 

Personalized sales tools allow you to track interactions, communications, offers, and orders throughout a sales cycle.  This and other important sales data can be accessed easily by only the right people through personal views and field-level security.  Your sales staff can also have quick access to their most important records with recently used lists, record pinning, and real-time data filtering.  All of this information can be viewed through account management to get a better understanding of your customers’ needs.

In addition to the necessary tools, Dynamics CRM can get you information that is insightful and usable to boost your sales team’s intelligence.  Sell more effectively to these new and existing customers by identifying optimal products and pricing, tracking competitor details, and instantly creating sales quotas that can be tracked at multiple levels. Dynamics CRM can also help you visualize your sales team’s performance with the use of dashboards that measure key performance indicators, analysis that zero on key data points , and real-time forecasts keep your pulse on sales performance.  This Improved visibility will help identify areas for improving your sales process.

Finally, staying connected to one another is a necessity for a sales organization.  Improving team selling and enabling greater internal collaboration is accomplished with team-based record ownership and real-time communication tools.  These tools include Centralized Data Management, which streamlines the management of quotas, proposals, orders, invoices, and other sales documents with up to date information.  Also stay in contact with co-workers and customers with robust mobile device and portal solutions.

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