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The Integrity of Your Data

Author: Sheri Mora/Sunday, March 27, 2011/Categories: Information Technology, Security, Tech News

The recent mad rush to market the concept of cloud  services has been creating quite a stir. Buzzwords, service overlapping, and numerous data hand offs to other cloud partners, makes the ability to find services specific to your needs and controlling or knowing where your own data is stored, more confusing by the day. Then there's cost. Although the initial costs are usually less than all-inclusive software, implementation and training proposals, actual long-term operational costs can far exceed an in-house environment.  

The integrity of your data should always be your top priority, regardless of which cloud service* you are considering. Security, liability, connectivity, disclosure (data location and if/when it is moved), backup and recovery procedures, and more should all be reviewed closely. 

The cloud has been around for decades and our experience with its successes and failures is thorough. Our experts are available to answer your questions and provide invaluable insight to the benefits and risks of trusting your data to a cloud environment. 
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*4 types of cloud services: Saas (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service), Raas (Recovery as a Service)

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