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World IPv6 Day

June 8th, 2011

Author: Sheri Mora/Tuesday, April 5, 2011/Categories: Tech News

June 8th marks the day many major web companies and industry players (including Microsoft, Google, Bing, Cisco, and Facebook) will be using IPv6*, a new protocol for the Internet.  For the most part, June 8th will go by without a snag, but down the line (as we run out of IPv4 addresses), some older networks and servers will need to be updated to current systems in order to support IPv6 properly.

*On February 3, 2011 the last IPv4 IP address was distributed.  As those are used up, the Internet providers will not be able to get anymore addresses.  As that happens, new businesses will not be able to get IP addresses for the Internet either. IPv6 is set to have exponentially more addresses than the current version IPv4.

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