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Read these tips to stay secure during the holiday season!

9 tips you don't want to miss

Author: Anonym/Monday, December 14, 2015/Categories: Announcements, Information Technology, Security, Tech News

During the holiday season, being secure is most important! Read these tips to make sure you're doing everything right!

#1 - Clean up your passwords before Christmas! Make sure all of your passwords are super strong and super long. Also, don't recycle password across multiple sites. One site. One password.

#2 - Defend yourself from ransomeware - back up your files now! We would like to remind you of a chore we all know we're supposed to do regularly, but many of us put off - Backup! Think of all the things that could go wrong with your hard disk and data - you don't want to lose it!

#3 - Make sure you set your Facebook posts to 'Friends only.' Why would you let just anyone see what you've posted on Facebook? Stay safe and check your privacy settings!

#4 - Ever receive an unsolicited tech support call? Just hang up! It's a scam! Encourage your less tech-savvy friends and family not to yield to this sort of pressure.

#5 - Want to do one single, simple thing to improve your security? Turn off Flash. Turning off Flash deprives malware writers of one of their favorite toys and stops con artists preying on your hair trigger for Flash security updates by using them as camouflage for malware.

#6 - Think before you share on social media! This may sound obvious, but oversharing on social media is a bad idea! Stop and think before you share because once it's out there on the internet, it's hard to take it back.

#7 - Don't put off those updates! A lot of us know there are updates available and it serves a vital security purpose...but we put it off. Put a stop to this bad habit - patch early, patch often!

#8 - do not email your credit car details! You may be tempted to fall back on emailing your card details so sellers can process the transaction at their end. This is not secure! If in doubt, don't give it out!

#9 - Beware of login links in emails! The email's goal is to get you to take action right away...so you willingly enter your personal details, your password, and so on. Don't click login links in emails in the first place!

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