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New Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Set For Launch

Author: Sheri Mora/Monday, January 30, 2012/Categories: Tech News

According to Computer World, the new software will be able to automatically determine which add-ons—pieces of Firefox software developed and distributed by others on the Web—are compatible with the new Web browser. The new feature will supposedly allow Mozilla, a non-profit organization of software programmers, "a faster release schedule" for the browser. (Under its "silent update" plans, new versions of Firefox could be released every six weeks.)

One feature involving Firefox's "tabbed" browser experience, however, has been reportedly delayed. The ability to display "thumbnails" or snapshots of previously viewed Web sites whenever a new browser window is opened—a feature that is already standard in other competitive browser software, such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari—won't be ready until mid-year.

Meanwhile, Firefox's developers will also reported release a security fix to its two-year old browser, Firefox 3.6.

---Paul Eng
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