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Is Your Business protected?

Author: Mark Fernandez/Friday, January 11, 2013/Categories: Information Technology, Security, Tech News

When hackers generally run an automated scan of the internet, it targets all businesses regardless of the size.  Large, medium, and small all become targets.  So for the smaller business that has the casual approach towards information security, expecting to be overlooked leaves a company open to a hacker phishing for personal and financial data.   

The first step is to take advantage of all the low-cost security options available for PC’s, not to mention some of the free security packages like Microsoft Security Essentials. Just as important as obtaining and installing antivirus software is keeping the security software licenses up-to -date.  Allowing security software to become outdated prevents protection from constantly evolving hacking techniques and viruses.  Other necessary steps include having firewalls and security parameters of wireless devices properly configured.

To take security a step further, contact us and find out how our Managed I.T. Services provide 24/7 network monitoring and preventative maintenance.

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