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Is it time for a Security Audit?

Your data is your lifeline. Are your doors and windows locked?

Author: Jennifer Levy/Friday, April 18, 2014/Categories: Information Technology, Security, Tech News

It is imperative in today's world that all your doors are locked and that the only people with keys are those you have given them to. At all moments of the day people and organizations are trying to break into systems and steal valuable information or corrupt valuable infrastructures.

It seems there is a new major data breach or bug every single day. Passwords that are not 10 charecters and contain all 4 charecter types need to be changed.  On top of this client level security measure, you should make sure that you have strong measures to protect your entire organization such as good backups and good spam filters and malware detectors.

We can help you determine the best solution for your business to stay protected so you can ensure your organization is not at risk. We provide businesses with a complete security audit and will be able to give you a breakdown of ways to stay secure in the vulnerable reality of today's economy.

Call us today to schedule your comprehensive security audit. We are here to make sure you are safe and secure.



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