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Does your business have too many files and documents in too many different places? Do your employees struggle with communication? Microsoft SharePoint can solve these problems and more

Author: Mark Fernandez/Wednesday, September 19, 2012/Categories: Information Technology, Tech News

SharePoint 2010 includes powerful business intelligence capabilities, such as the ability to create dashboards that include key performance indicators to display performance across an organization.

Vastly improve your team's communication and collaboration while accelerating business processes by providing the platform to create and manage your company's documents, spreadsheets, tasks, calendars, and more.

Synchronize data between a SharePoint list and a compatible spreadsheet program, and keep both sets of data up-to-date.  Therefore, maintaining data in a SharePoint list is easy to share and update, but can also be analyzed using a spreadsheet program.

Create, collect, update, and manage files with team members with document libraries. Each library displays a list of files with key information that can be used together. A library can be used as a central location to store documents in a central area where users can add, view, edit, and delete them.

Supports revision control of items in lists and libraries that allows only content authors and approvers to make changes and track them over time.  Also, security groups, permission levels, and permissions inheritance work together behind the scenes to control user access to sites and content that can be seen and used.

Search feature provides an interactive and visual search experience that finds content and information quickly by cutting out clutter.  This powerful search capability allows people to easily find each other and share problem solving expertise or innovative ideas.  Lastly, the search option can be customized to meet each individual’s needs based on specific vocabulary, relevance, or information.

SharePoint 2010 gives your people the familiarity of Microsoft Office, thus negating the need to learn new formats, allowing them to be more productive quickly with easy access to business information.  Consolidating intranet, extranet, and internet sites with a single unified infrastructure helps cut costs.  And SharePoint 2010 offers out-of-the-box functionality or a customizable platform to create your own easy to use business solutions.

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