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Financial Consolidation Software 101, by Coe Solutions

  • 3 July 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 3932
Lots of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system managers are managing multiple organizations’ or subsidiaries’financial data as part of a parent company.  Reconciling information coming from different units, departments, and at times, with more than one currency can be problematic without the assistance of a proficient financial consolidation and reporting tool.  Parent company decision makers are navigating increasingly larger amounts of company data by seeking a Business Intelligence (BI) software that comes equipped with a hearty, easy-to-use consolidation tool.  For individuals facing this challenge, we at Coe Solutions know that it can be trying, but we also know that, particularly for common ERP users, options that bring together ease of use and dynamic power in a single reporting tool are rare.

Solver's BI360 is very EXCITING!

Reporting • Budgeting • Dashboards • Collaboration • Data Warehouse

  • 10 June 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 2159

Solver’s BI360 Suite is a very complete BI solution. And now, with the new Collaboration portal, it’s one of the most effective ways to drive productivity across your enterprise. And, it has a complete out-of-the-box integration with both Microsoft GP and SL.

Support for Windows XP has ended and ALL versions of Windows Server 2003 will lose support in 2015

Time to start upgrading Operating Systems and Licenses NOW

  • 7 May 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 1464

Is it time for a Security Audit?

Your data is your lifeline. Are your doors and windows locked?

  • 18 April 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 1688

Having the right infrastructure and processes makes or breaks some companies

  • 10 April 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 5041

Is yours one of them?

Windows 8.1 Update will be available April 8th

Make your Windows 8 machine easier to use

  • 2 April 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 1289

Comparing Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX

Is GP right for your business?

  • 18 March 2014
  • Author: Jennifer Levy
  • Number of views: 2034

Happy New Year from the CoeSolutions Team!

Get 2014 off to a good start with a free consultation for your business.

  • 2 January 2014
  • Author: Sheri Mora
  • Number of views: 1957

We encourage you to take advantage of a no-obligation consultation to discuss where your business is today and how technology can help you move forward.