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Just What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Support in New Orleans

  • 3 February 2016
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 2546
So what is this Azure? You have no doubt by now heard of this thing we call the "Cloud". It's everywhere, but a lot of people still don't quite understand what it is. To put it very simply, the "Cloud" is just a computer (or loads of them, actually) that are not where you are currently sitting.

Read these tips to stay secure during the holiday season!

9 tips you don't want to miss

  • 14 December 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 2909
During the holiday season, being secure is most important! Read these tips to make sure you're doing everything right!

Apple's OS X Security Honeymoon Is Over

Apple OS X is under more scrutiny than ever

  • 20 October 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 3283
Due to Apple’s increased market share, it’s now apparent that OS X wasn’t as secure as people thought, and it was a simple matter of malware writers not targeting Apple. Now, the honeymoon is over and there is a large increase in attacks against Apple operating systems, so the same security measures that Windows users take and Apple users have ignored, will have to be used.

Thew new release of Office 2016 is here!

Microsoft Office 2016 full review by Tom Warren

  • 23 September 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1755
Today’s release of Office 2016 marks almost three years since the last major version of Microsoft’s productivity apps. More than 1.2 billion people use Office, for everything from simple word processing and personal finances, to powerful number crunching at large enterprises. It’s as ubiquitous as Windows itself, and before today’s new update it was already packed full with features. So, do you really need the latest version?

“Give Me 5” Dynamics GP Price Discount

How much does Dynamics GP cost???

  • 1 September 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 2339
The regular Dynamics GP accounting software list price for 5 users is $11,000. With the discount price, the price for 5 users is $6,000. This promotion represents a savings of $5,000!!!

Why do identity thieves love small businesses?

Make sure your small business is safe!

  • 19 August 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1451
Dealing with identity theft can be tough, but if it hits your business it can be shattering. It can destroy your business completely if you don’t catch it fast enough. It can take an extraordinary amount of time and a lot of hard work to straighten it out; therefore, you want to be aware of why identity thieves love small businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-Serve Users

Is your accounting department wasting time answering employee questions?

  • 11 August 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1569
Dynamics GP Self-Serve User provides access to users that need to view and modify their own employment data and make purchase requests.

Great reviews on Windows 10 release!

Microsoft is calling it an operating system that’s both fresh and familiar.

  • 30 July 2015
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1558
Windows 10 is now available! For those of you who have missed the start menu, it’s back! I don’t know about you, but I sure missed it. The new update is easy to use with a keyboard and a mouse. But, if you have a touchscreen computer, you’re in luck.
Windows 10 has proved that their dream has come true! They delivered a single OS that can work across computers, tablets, and phones!